Date: July 15th 2022
Time: 10:00-18:00
Location: Põlva town stadium
Total number of competitors: 80


  • 10:00 Official opening ceremony of Footbike World Championship 2022
  • Startin from 9:30 acquiring and attaching chips
  • 10:00-10:50 Stadium is open for warmup
  • 11:00-12:30 Qualification
  • 13:00-15:30 Quarter, semi and grand-finals
  • 16:00-16:30 Awards ceremony

General rules

  1. Start procedure for sprint is with 1 foot on footboard: a running start is not allowed in the sprint.
  2. Parallel supporting not allowed – trainers, team members, supporters or other people present are not allowed to ride parallel in same direction, on or off the track, with a competitor during sprint competition. In sprint finals series only fellow competitors active in same heat can ride parallel.
  3. All competitors have to stay on their own track. Crossing track lines is prohibited.

Start, finish and timing

  1. Acquiring chips starts 9:30 at the stadium. Attaching chip to the bike will happen at stadium with the help of technical assistant. Please come with your bike.
  2. Qualification start list by competitor: Sprint_Start_List
  3. Qualification start interval will be 30-45 sec
  4. Gun start will be used for starts
  5. Qualification start and finish times are captured by chip
  6. For finals only finish time is captured by chip. The winner is the competitor, who crosses the finish line first.
  7. Qualification, quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand-finals will race in following age group sequence:
    1. Women Cadet
    2. Men Cadet
    3. Women Junior
    4. Men Junior
    5. Women Master
    6. Men Master
    7. Women Veteran
    8. Men Veteran
    9. Women Super Veteran
    10. Men Super Veteran
    11. Women Senior (open category)
    12. Men Senior (open category)

Composing quarter, semi and grand-finals

For every final maximum 4 competitors are in one start. Each having it’s own track.

Quarter finals will be composed based on qualification times. If there are less than 9 competitors in the same age group, then the semi-finals will be composed based on qualification times. If there are less than 5 competitors in the same age group, then the grand-final will be composed based on qualification times.

Athletes choose their starting position in the finals according to their time of qualification, from the fastest to the slowest participant in the particular run.

Quarter-finals position allocation

13-16 participants per AG 9-12 participants per AG
Qual pos Assigned QuartF Qual pos Assigned QuartF
1. QF1 1. QF1
2. QF2 2. QF2
3. QF3 3. QF3
4. QF4 4. QF1
5. QF1 5. QF2
6. QF2 6. QF3
7. QF3 7. QF3
8. QF4 8. QF2
9. QF4 9. QF1
10. QF3 10. QF3
11. QF2 11. QF2
12. QF1 12. QF1
13. QF4
14. QF3
15. QF2
16. QF1

Semi-final position allocation

The winner of each quarter-final will get position in semi-final. Rest of the semi-final positions will be allocated based on quarter-final results time ranking.

From quarter-finals Less than 9 participants per AG
Quarter-final result Assigned SemiF Qual pos Assigned SemiF
QuartF Winner(1) SF1 1. SF1
QuartF Winner(2) SF2 2. SF2
QuartF Winner(3) SF1 3. SF1
QuartF Winner(4) SF2 4. SF2
QF1-4(1st time) SF2 5. SF2
QF1-4(2nd time) SF1 6. SF1
QF1-4(3rd time) SF2 7. SF2
QF1-4(4th time) SF1 8. SF1

Grand-final position allocation

The winner of each semi-final will get directly into grand-final. Rest of the grand-final positions will will be allocated based on semi-final results time ranking.

From semi-finals Less than 5 participants per AG
Semi-final result Assigned GrandF Qual pos Assigned GrandF
SemiF Winner(1) GF 1. GF
SemiF Winner(2) GF 2. GF
SF1-2(1st time) GF 3. GF
SF1-2(2nd time) GF 4. GF

The winner of the grand-final is the competitor, who crosses the finish line first.